Planning your senior portraits!

One of the most important parts of my business is planning. I want my clients to get everything and more from their photography shoot, and for me to deliver; I need to know the "deets" if you will. Senior portraits are for capturing this moment in time when your child is becoming an adult, and highlighting their strengths. Senior portraits are all about them and capturing their spirit.

Plan 2-5 scenes or backdrops. This should be places and/or outfit changes. (The more places and outfit changes, the more costly the session.) So really think about your goals with these shots and then lets pick locations and outfits.

Plan for weather. We have to be aware of the weather. Especially in the Midwest!

Tell me what types of edits you want. Lets look through samples together and you can pick out the style/edit of your final images. Do you want certain items photo-shopped? Do you have blemishes we need to hide? It can be done! You just have to tell me and I will fix it.

Locations. I am new to the Council Bluffs/Omaha area, so it helps me out tremendously if you have some ideas on where you want to be photographed. Most places require permission to photograph, so it is very important that we know ahead of time where we are going so that I can do research and get any permissions I need.

Time of Day. This is so important! We really want to shoot either early morning, or right before dusk. We want to get the golden tones of the sun, not the midday sun. We can plan shoots any time you want, but lets review the locations and backgrounds needed ahead of time so that we can get the best images out of the session.

What to wear. Bring a few outfits to change into if you want, it is not mandatory. But I feel seniors are so multi-faceted, they deserve to show us their different characters. How will you change? Probably in a car or in the nearest restroom, so let's prepare for that as well. Are you into sports? Do you have some artistic outlets you want to capture? Do you enjoy reading? We can incorporate these into each outfit change throughout your shoot.

So the bottom line here is some simple planning. A few weeks to plan ahead works best for me, but if you have everything planned out and just need me to show up, then I am on board with that too. I am a very relaxed photographer, just ready to capture the moment for you. Contact me to get started!