I am no stranger to change. I need it. I am antsy and don't sit still. Some may call it ADHD, but I like to connect to that emotion as just being alert and ready to go. So with this "ADHD" comes change, and often. Whether it be my website, blog, my hair or my loft. Something has to change, and it will be drastic.

With that, I welcome you to my new website and blog. There will be MORE changes as I navigate using a new platform with Pixieset. I've changed my home site location a few times. So I will try Pixieset out and see how she treats me.

My domain is the same for now, but I have contemplated changing it as well. I go back and forth about my business name. More than I would care to admit. It's terrible how indecisive I am. Why? Because it will be my business name FOREVER and it must be epic of course. I overthink branding myself and my work. Do I want to call it "Jennifer Morgan Photography" or do I want to find a unique name that could be franchised one day? Oh and there is a Jennifer Morgan Photography already, she lives in Colorado and is totally living my dream. If you know me, you know my life goal was to get to Colorado eventually. So Jennifer Morgan in Colorado, if you are reading this...Hi.

I have what they call champagne dreams on a beer budget. Which translates to, I am poor but I want to be a famous photographer. I try not to focus on equipment, and focus on what I can do with what I have. But as someone who has been in the photography field for a WHILE now...if someone tells you the camera doesnt make the photographer, well they are wrong. The most expensive part of the camera is the lens! If you cant get the quality of the picture you want with a cheap lens, then you feel like a failure. I want people to see my work and fall over with amazement. Did I mention I am an overachiever? Yeah well I wasn't in school, but in life, I totally am.

What do I want to accomplish with this blog and this message? I am bored with writing about my photo shoots and how "awesome" it was. I want to really SPEAK TO YOU! I want you to cry a little, laugh a lot and relate to my message. I have a lot to say sometimes and it may have nothing to do with my photography. Must be my age? Or my life experiences? Or maybe I am just ready to be completely honest. We shall see how this goes.

Thanks for reading and I hope I can keep you captivated.